Hi, I'm Malinda, and I'm so glad you're here! 

I grew up in a small town in Canada about 2 hours away from a major city. In junior high, I attended a massive youth conference and signed up for a summer mission trip to Central America. One month sweating in the jungle and ministering on the city streets changed my life, and six years later I became an intern for that very ministry that I traveled overseas with.

Texas is where I met my husband, and from the beginning, our relationship has been a wild adventure (long-distance relationships will do that to you.) After a Las Vegas wedding, we spent the first part of our married life managing events all over the country, mentoring college students (my favorite!) and figuring out how to travel/live/work together. 

For 14 years, we have served various ministries, churches, and organizations in a variety of ways. We love using our gifts to bring people closer to Jesus, and two kids, three houses, starting a business, and many moves later, we are still at it. 


These Are My People

That handsome man is my husband, Alex, who runs a business that helps creatives and technicians serve the local church well. He is wildly artistic, a little dorky, and the Jim to my Pam. The red-headed firecracker is Lydia, the one who made me a mommy. She loves all things performing arts, and animals. Madi, our surprise baby, exudes her middle name, "Joy" to a tee. She wants to be a professional rock-climber when she grows up, and keep a unicorn for a pet. If you're here long enough, you'll probably get tired of seeing their faces and hearing about how awesome my family is--something I don't plan on apologizing for (you've been warned).


Our family nickname is "the wolf pack," and our adventure streak is fierce. We have only two states left to visit with plans to see them all in the near future. We work from home, we homeschool our kids, and we love hosting people in our home. Relationships are important to us, as are dance parties, game nights, camping, and dressing up for an event.

When I'm not wearing the teacher hat at home, or typing furiously on my laptop, I'm probably hanging outside with my family (by the water or in the mountains preferably),  sipping tea with a friend, or hunting for treasures in a local used bookstore.