Obedience Over Hustle


The world promises recognition and success if we "hustle harder," but at what cost? Survival and striving are how many are living their life, but to what end? Obedience Over Hustle is a radical challenge for anyone who has ever felt that there has to be a better way. 

Throughout scripture, we read about individuals who had to face the hard reality that their dreams and timelines weren't God's best plan. By exploring these biblical narratives, readers are encouraged to respond to the questions that God asks us all: “Will you do what I'm asking you to do? Will you trust me? Will you obey?” 

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No matter where God leads, or what He asks, if it isn’t easy, won’t be accepted by others, and perhaps even appears foolish, may we have the courage to surrender to His plan and his timing-- to choose obedience over hustle."

Challenged. Convicted. Changed. That’s how I felt after reading the final page of Obedience over Hustle— a book that combats what the world chants with a more reliable and straightforward command— keep your eyes on Jesus and obey Him. This book was timely and life-changing for me, as I believe it will be for those who are also brave enough to read it.
— book reviewer

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