Obedience Over Hustle

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Obedience over Hustle

The world promises recognition and promotion if we "hustle harder," but what has that mantra actually done for us?

If our relationships are being sacrificed on the altar of our passions, businesses, and ministries—there has to be a healthier way.

If comparison has robbed us of joy—there has to be a different way.

If our desire for validation and recognition has created a frenzy of anxiety, workaholism, and guilt—there must be a greater way.

If survival and striving are words used to describe the pace of our lives—then we have to find another way.

Obedience Over Hustle is a radical challenge for anyone who has ever felt that there has to be a better way.

Our devotion to the "side-hustle" isn't the problem; the issue is one of the heart. The whispers of God have become eclipsed next to our eagerness to listen to the shouts of the world. But His voice is not a gentle suggestion in a sea of options. It's our only hope.

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Join Malinda as she digs deep into our motives, and explores the biblical narratives of those who lived obedient to God's voice, regardless of the cost. These accounts, as well as Malinda's testimony of radical obedience, will encourage readers to respond to the questions that God asks us all: "Will you do what I'm asking you to do? Will you trust me? Will you obey?"

“God always prizes obedience more than sacrifice! The fear of missing out has led many into unnecessary busyness—even tearing apart marriages and families in the pursuit of the elusive more. I’m thrilled for the release of Obedience over Hustle as Malinda helps alleviate the pressure to perform by reminding us that surrender triumphs over striving.”
— –John Bevere, bestselling author, minister, Co-founder of Messenger International

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