Bathing in Grace


Grace. I’m bathing in it right now. Feels good.

I punched these words into a text, hit send and smiled. It felt good to be honest. To admit that I haven’t got it all together, and I’m ok with it. My friend had asked how home-school was going (yes, that’s right, as of this year we are a homeschooling family). I admitted “its…. going”.
That’s how I feel like a lot of things are right now. They are going.
We are moving. We are enduring hard stuff with extended family. We are getting into a new groove with summer ending and the fall beginning. And we are homeschooling. And starting back up with our small group. And finding new rhythms with new friendships. And I am writing again. Slowly.
I will admit that by mid-summer I was distracted. And then my site was hacked, not once, but twice, and I gave up for a few weeks, wondering if it was a sign.
But I’m back, friends. And I have some amazing stuff in the hopper for you. Stories of grace and hard lessons learned. Stories of victory and redemption. Stories that will make you laugh and make you cry and make you get up from your seat of comfort and wade deep into the places that exhilarate and terrify you.
I am excited for fall. It is my favorite season, even if we don’t get very much of it here in SoCal. The leaves don’t burst with color like they do in the Northeast, and the winds don’t blow in cool, rainy days like the Northwest. (Mostly it just stays the same until November. And no, I’m not complaining about living in our zip code, just reminiscing of other places with more of a seasonal shift.)
I just love the idea of fall. The change of scenery. Shorter days. Slower mornings to make banana bread and savor it on the couch with warm drinks. Snuggling with my kids under a blanket and a stack of books. Walking in the evening with another layer on, to stay warm against the cooler temperatures.
And this fall, I’m clothing myself with grace. Bathing in it actually.
I’m diving deep and doing laps and savoring the idea of letting go. Of requiring less of myself. And others. I’m treading grace like water because I’m ok staying in the same place and not going anywhere. And finally, I’m lounging at the shore and letting the waves wash over me. Grace, upon grace, upon endless grace.
I hope you’ll stick around. The fall is going to be graceFULL and amazing.