Big Dream = Giant Leap

My first big dream to come true was a trip abroad.
It was a month-long missions trip to a third world country.  And I had just turned 14.
I wasn’t even in high school yet.  And yet there I was, packed and ready for the “trip of a lifetime”.  It changed my life forever.  And it was just the first of many big dreams to come true.
The next big dream involved moving away from home.  Not just away from my small hometown, but away from my country to another world (Texas!) to complete my internship.  I had no friends and not much to comfort me.  Funny thing, that’s where I met my husband (an Oregonian).  What would have happened if I hadn’t dreamed big and taken a giant leap?
I remember standing with my husband in Ford Field (where the Superbowl had been played only months before) surrounded by 50,000 people.  We stood there, watching, as months of hard work unfolded before our eyes.  It was one of our “lifelong” dreams, and we had just turned 25.  I leaned in close to him that day and said, “it’s time to come up with some bigger dreams”.

[Tweet “In order to make the big dream happen, you have to be willing to take a giant leap.”]

As a couple, we have taken some big leaps.  Physical moves across the country (multiple moves).  We were youth pastors for a while, and brought home a newborn at the same time.  We have renovated homes, gone back to school and had babies.  And now we are at another crossroad, and we are “Dreaming Big, Praying Hard, and Thinking Long” (to borrow a term from Mark Batterson’s book “Circle Maker”).
Each time I find myself getting ready to make a giant leap, I notice that I am also going through the following emotions:
Excitement.  Because I’m an adventurer who lives for new experiences.
Anxiety.  Because I’m a planner and recovering control freak.  And I usually don’t have anywhere close to enough of the answers before we usually take a giant leap.
I think there’s a lot of people who get caught in these first two emotions.  The excitement is so overwhelming and so contagious that they are ready to go and take on the world except that… they get stuck “planning” the dream.
And that is a sad thing: un-lived dreams.  Unfulfilled adventures that just become something to write in your journal about.
And why do we get stuck?
Because we are “responsible” people with duties and tasks to complete, with bosses, employees and children and commitments.  We reason away the dream because it doesn’t fit into our chaotic and meaningless meaningful lives that we’re living.  We opt for “later”, except that it never comes.
For me, there is always a third emotion that overwhelms me.  The excitement is first.  Then comes the worry, doubt and anxiety.  But the third one is the most powerful.  It’s peace.
It blankets me.  And it is completely dependent on my faith.  I can’t explain it.  I can’t force it.  I can’t will it to happen.  It just does.  When I walk in step with God, I choose to believe that He holds my future.   I put my trust in Him and I am overwhelmed by His peace.
We have taken many big and bold jumps in our short lifetime.  Some people have called us crazy.  At times we’ve called ourselves crazy! Sometimes we’ve made choices that others have advised us not to.  There are many who will never understand the why behind what we do.  And that’s ok.
Because at least I was willing to take the giant leap. 
Or, as the character Sam (from the Transformers trilogy) said, “50 years from now, when you’re looking back on your life, don’t you want to say you had the guts to get in the car?”
Yes! I do!
Tell us, what big dreams are you leaping into?