Bigger is Not Always Better


Bigger is not always better.

A friend of mine recently made the decision to go smaller.  To walk away from what seemed like the bigger, and more fun, job to chase after the dream.
They stepped off the “global platform” to embrace a smaller audience.  But in doing so they have a greater opportunity for influence.  The best part, they will actually get to do what they are passionate about.

Bigger is not always better.
And here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Bigger means more opportunity to lose focus and attention to detail
  • Bigger can sometimes mean a lack of accountability
  • Bigger forces time to be split between people, as are resources
  • Bigger causes more pressure to perform (hello stress)
  • Bigger creates spotlight and ego
  • Bigger says decisions are based on what others think and are doing versus the core values

And sometimes bigger can be a great thing.
With a bigger platform and greater resources, we can reach more people with our message and solutions.  With more influence, and a powerful company, we can change people’s lives by offering aid and hope.  But sometimes the simple goals that we set out with are lost in the race to become bigger.  
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Sometimes it’s better for the family to stay small. For the company to become better, not necessarily bigger.  For the leader to lead well, not just to grow a bigger tribe.  For the church to love people, not raise funds for a bigger building.  For the product to become the best.  For the cause to do the greatest work, instead of growing the biggest following.


If you are focused on becoming the best, you will advance.  Your product will attract a following.  Your words and ideas will spread. Your church and ministry will multiply.  Your life will impact others.  Your family will grow up, become bigger and leave behind a legacy. Your company will flourish.


Becoming BIG should never be our primary goal.  We should be always working toward becoming better.  When we do this, growing bigger will be a natural result.