When Jesus Walks In, Change Happens

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When Jesus walks into the room, everything changes.

We sang the words over and over.  In the dark room, hundreds of people loudly proclaimed these lines. Tears began trickling down my cheeks. I closed my eyes.
I imagined a sandaled foot confidently crossing a threshold into a dirt-floored home. Stepping heavily with righteous anger into the temple courts. Compassionately and with authority climbing out of a small fishing boat and onto an island. Appearing excitedly and full of vigor in a locked room, united with friends.  With sadness and intention He moved quietly into the dark tomb of his dear friend.
His feet stepped with power and patience, confidence and compassion, assurance and authority into various situations and places. While his foot occupied the physical world, the ripple was felt in other places.
Sickness vanished. Not just colds and the flu, but lifelong illnesses that were debilitating. The lame got up and walked for the first time. Those who had never seen a sunrise were able to do more than feel its rays. Internal issues and external handicaps vanished when his foot cast a shadow.
Chains fell to the ground. People bound by systems, situations and stigmas were set free. The whispers that led to rumors that led to being ostracized were silenced in a moment. Addictions broken forever. Fears erased. Hope restored.
Demons ran away. Literally. As in down a hill and into a herd of pigs.
The images kept coming until the final picture in my mind was His sandaled foot crossing my threshold. There stood Jesus. In my home.
And then the tender, yet convicting voice came, “what would change Malinda? Would “everything” change like the words being sung all around you.” And the tears flowed with greater intensity.
Would my attitudes and words soften?
Would I treat my husband or children with more kindness?
Would I exude more patience, or more grace?
None of it should change. If I believe that Jesus lives in me, and is always present, then nothing should change. But sadly, if I’m honest, my daily life would shift.
I would love with greater intensity. With less judgement.
I would give more, sacrifice more, and fear less.
I would be more confident in what I cannot see.
And worry less about what drives the hustle in my normal days.
When Jesus walks into the room, everything changes. Because His presence and power is transforming and being with Him means that we cannot stay the same.
It also means that the circumstances and situations that surround us should change as well.
Sickness, chains, demons.
Love instead of hatred.
Generosity instead of greed.
Hope instead of despair.
Our lives, our communities, our culture, our world is in desperate need of change. I believe it starts when we welcome the sandaled feet of Jesus to cross the threshold of our hearts. When He moves in, the transformation starts.
When Jesus walks into the room, everything changes. 

Let’s be eager for Him to change us. And excited to bring that change into the world around us.