Running, Resting and Reading

I’ve learned a lot recently by running, resting and reading. 
A week ago I completed my first ever half-marathon. It was the Tinkerbell run in Disneyland and it was (mostly) magical.  I will share more about that experience as there were many stories, lessons learned and personal take-aways. But, not just yet.
The day after the race we hopped on a plane to meet the rest of my husband’s family for a little vacation. Every year we get together (with 3 generations now) for a week away. It is always a good time, but this year was one for the record books. My kids enjoyed the pools, the grown-ups enjoyed the amazing views, and we created some wonderful memories.
And aside from all of those adventures, I’ve been working on some other exciting news which I hope to be able to roll-out soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some things with you that have been a source of encouragement or inspiration for me (or a total kick-in-the-pants).
In April I was able to get a good amount of reading done. You know, from actual books with paper pages.  The kind that can be checked out of the library and have that musty smell, or that crack when you open the binding wide the first time.
These are the titles I crossed off my list for 2015:
Ex-Muslim by Naeem Fazal
Undaunted: Daring to to what God calls you to do by Christine Caine
Rock Your Network Marketing Business by Sarah Robbins (e-book)
While on vacation last week, I had the opportunity to finish up
The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner which is a very practical and encouraging read for every mother out there. I also started and finished Unstoppable by Christine Caine (which was an e-book for my kindle. I love this option when I’m traveling). Side note: you know it was a good vacation when you get through an entire book in a week…even with your children present on the trip! 
In addition to some great books, there were several online articles that I bookmarked to read again later:
This story from Rachael Kincaid. Her honest words were encouraging, and her final line pierced my heart:“I wasn’t created to be a master of motherhood. I was created to learn motherhood from the Master.”
This post by Kari Patterson about running your race (see a theme here? Also “running” themed was Christine’s book Unstoppable, mentioned above).
These words from Kristen Welch over at the (in)courage site. If you’ve ever wondered how God can use your family for His purpose, please go read this short post called “God’s Mission for the Family is Expanding God’s Family”.

This story from Leslie Miller over on Coffee & Crumbs. If you’re a mother (of any age) this is a must-read for you!
I hope you are encouraged by these writers. I pray their stories inspire you and the truth of their words challenge you.
Thank you for your patience as I am working on my own stories, writing my own words, and crafting my own challenges.
Happy reading!