Want to Change the World: Get to Know Your Neighbor

Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to change the world.

I want to be a part of something that is bigger than myself and go to sleep at night knowing that my day had significance and a lasting impact. This is why millennials will often choose to work for less— as long as they know that the company, start-up, non-profit is doing good, giving back, or fighting social injustices. We are a generation that wants our time, effort and talent to matter.
As a believer, these desires are even stronger. We believe that we were created (by a Creator) with a purpose in mind. But often we struggle to connect the dots between the words of Jesus to, “go into all the world,” and the daily grind that we find ourselves in. We tend to think His final commands means “work that is done in another country”—where we often give our money— and then go about our lives without much concern for what else those simple words might mean for us.
While “changing the world” may sound like an enormous task, it really starts small. It won’t happen overnight and it doesn’t require an event, a charismatic personality or even a lot of money. Yesterday I shared some thoughts on what it means to change your world over on Crosswalk.com. Click over there to read more about how changing the world starts by getting to know your neighbors.