I'm a Christian. I'm also a Hypocrite

christian hypocrite.jpg


Hi, I’m a Christian.  

If you’ve read more than a couple of my posts, you’ve probably already picked up on this.  I have never come right out and said it, although there have been hints of faith, God, church, the bible and other such topics and passions sprinkled through my writing.
Today, I decided to put my beliefs out there.  On the screen.  So, there’s no wondering.
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Not all the time.  And I try not to be, but it happens.  
To anyone who would never read a “Christian” blog, because “Christians are all hypocrites” – I agree with you.  They are.  (I have now removed all need for you to come onto my site and say so.)  
I have no problem admitting it.  I know it’s the truth.  Although, hopefully I am going in the direction of ‘less hypocritical’ a little more each day.
And here’s why I’m writing this:  I want you to know that just because I believe in God, go to church, read my bible, or anything else that’s related to my faith, I’m not perfect. And I won’t ever pretend to be.  
I’m a Christian, but I still yell at my kids.  
I lie to them too.  Every year, about 3 weeks before Christmas, when we write to Santa.
I love living a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and eating right.  And I enjoy 2 bowls of ice cream in one sitting from time to time. (Because ice cream, like warm chocolate chip cookies, or fluffy French croissants, is a weakness for me).

I believe that God is all-powerful, but I understand that bad things happen and exist in our world.  It’s tough to understand.  Harder to explain.  And when bad things happen in my life, I don’t blame God, but I sure question what He’s doing.

Like a lot of people, I deal with jealousy.  I complain and judge and have a critical spirit at times.  And my husband and I have our fair share of stupid arguments.
I know the right things I should do, like playing on the floor with my kids, and reading to them, but sometimes I get busy with projects, or my phone, and I go to bed that night overwhelmed with guilt.  (Thankfully, I believe the truth of forgiveness, grace and the verse in the bible that says, “His mercies are new every morning.”)
I am not perfect.  And if you stick around long enough, you will see my flaws as they appear in your inbox, or on your screen.
But, here I am.  Writing away.   Believing that my broken and put-back-together life, will somehow encourage, inspire and challenge you in your own journey.  
Please know this: all Christians are hypocrites.We definitely make mistakes.  It’s not that we get a super cape with powers to resist making stupid decisions or living selfishly (but, that would be awesome!) 
You will never find a perfect blogger, speaker, author, pastor or teacher.  They will disappoint you.  Just give them time.
So, cut the Christians some slack!  You never hear people get down on the Buddhists, or Atheists.  And for the record, they’re hypocrites too.

We all are.  Otherwise, we would post the pictures of ourselves fresh out of bed and what we look like in the middle of our kids tantrums at the dinner table.  (You know… when we’re ready to lock them in their rooms til they are 18.)   We would show you the messy parts of our desks, and homes, and relationships and inner struggles instead of just the perfectly filtered Instagram photos that everyone adores.
If we were honest, we would realize: we’re all the same.  Struggling with the same types of things, overcoming obstacles everyday.


And we go to bed every night believing that tomorrow will be better.  WE will be better.  Our circumstances will get better.  And somehow, we will have an opportunity to impact others lives, for the better, also.