We Need YOU, Dad


Father’s Day!

It’s the day of neckties and hand-printed cards.  It’s the day of dad getting to sleep in, play golf, watch the game, and pick the food.  The day where dad can have as much bacon as he wants, followed by ribs, brisket and steak.  And then sweets.  (The kind that you say you don’t eat, but we know better.)  
A day reserved for dads.  And regardless of what age, or stage you’re in, may these words encourage you.
To the new dads: You poor, sleep-deprived men.  Thank you for all the sacrifices you are making right now.  It may seem like you traded in your wife and old life for a little person who eats, cries, and poops.  You did.  But don’t worry, your wife will be back eventually.  Until then, keep loving mommy and doing what you can to make connections with your baby.  It will get better.  And this time will go fast.
To the dads of younger children:This your moment to shine. Cue the music.  You are SUPER Dad.  The babies who clung to mommy for years, have found a new person that they adore: DADDY!  You don’t need a mask, tights or even a cape.  They believe you have super powers just the way you are.  Savor these years, they will catch on soon enough.
To the dads of teens: Keep breathing, it will be over soon.  While it might seem that your once-princess-turned-mini-skirt-wearing-daughter is not able to even see you; she does.  It may not seem like it, but she hears you too.  And she’s keeping mental notes.  One day she will go looking for “her man” and that choice will be influenced by the man you are today.  Don’t disappoint her.  Show her what loving your wife looks like, so she will have no choice but to set the bar extremely high for her prince one day.  And when she’s hurt or sick, remember, she still needs her daddy.  Just wait.  She will come around.
To the dads of the “adult” children: You are almost there.  I say almost because chances are, your 24-year-old son is still at home.  He’s sucked you dry for 4 years of college, and now he’s back, living in your basement while he “finds himself”.  You just hope he finds a job first, and an apartment.  And he will.  For now, enjoy the fact that he likes sitting at home watching the game with you.  He could be at a pub with friends doing the same thing. Or at a club picking up a new girlfriend (that you probably wouldn’t approve of).  Take in these moments to encourage your son towards those passions that lie DEEP inside.  You have known since the first day you looked at him that he would do great things - tell him that.  Stir up his heart to pursue his dreams.
To the dads who have turned into “papa’s”:This is it!  The stuff that dreams are made of.  All the joys of being SUPER Dad, without the sleepless nights, and responsibilities of feeding them healthy food, or making sure their brains don’t turn into mush after a day in front of the TV.  This is what you’ve been holding on for.
The sights and sounds of a new baby take you back 20, 30 years to when you held your own children.  It was with awe and disbelief.  Were you really responsible for creating such an amazing little miracle?  It was hard to believe then. But it was true.  You were necessary then. 
And you have been needed for every step since.  From the nights where you slept in a rocking chair because that’s the only way the baby would stay asleep.  To the days of t-ball, and tea parties with stuffed bears.  The first date, drivers ed, prom, graduation and walking your little girl down the aisle.  And the day you held your son’s first-born son.  You were needed all along.
To all the dads out there who have ever wondered, let me assure you:

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Your voice of encouragement and love, is needed.

Your hands that work hard to provide, love and protect, are needed.

Your arms that bring us in close, and help take away the “ouchies” of life, are needed.

Your words of wisdom, experience, tough love, and gentleness, are needed.


To all the dads present in our lives: we need YOU.


Happy Father’s Day!